Isabell Lorey is a Visiting Professor of Political Theory at the Center forGender Studies (Department for Social Sciences and Philosophy) at the University of Basel. As a faculty member her contribution to TTC will focus on precariousness, democracy and social movements.


Rahel Locher finished her Bachelor in Sociology and History at the University of Basel. She is now pursuing her Masters degree in Gender Studies and History.

Anika Thym finished her Bachelor in Social Sciences and Economics and Business Administration at the University of Basel. Since 2012 works as tutorial assistant for the gender graduate school at the Zentrum Gender Studies in Basel and currently as substitute project leader for the internet platform at the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies at the University of Bern.

Laura Eigenmann just graduated with a master’s degree in Social Sciences and Gender Studies from the University of Basel. One of her main interests is the transformation of the logic of the social in neoliberalism, like new nationalist rhetorics and politics of securitization.