Logistics and crisis: The supply chain system in the Po valley region

by Niccolò Cuppini, Mattia Frapporti, Floriano Milesi, Luca Padova, Maurilio Pirone

A research paper developed in the Summer School “Teaching the crisis – Geographies, Methodologies, Perspectives”

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The theme of this article is an inquiry into the logistics of contemporary global capitalism, seen through the lens of the struggles developed in this sector during the last couple of years in the Po valley region, in northern Italy. To make a full analysis of the topic, we propose a trans-disciplinary approach: from the theoretical field to the anthropological one, passing through geographical and sociological aspects. Thus, our article is divided into five parts in which we try to focus not just on different crucial elements, but even on different geographical levels: from global to local.

Key words: logistics; struggles; supply chain; trade unions; cooperatives business

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